You may not realize it, but you've already made a good start toward your affiliate marketing success. If you bring your own passions with you into your affiliate marketing business, put in the work, and stick to your path, it will take three to six months to start seeing success.

Don't have any passions, you say? What about your interests? Do you have a topic you can write about for six months? What about things that you own and can write about? Do you have a skill or knowledge about a topic that can help others solve some problems they may be experiencing? Do you have a competency that you can share? Something that you have learned over time in your career?

The most successful affiliate marketers aren't trying to sell to people but rather are trying to help people solve their problems. If you have any life skills or experiences you can use to help others solve problems they too are currently having, you have a big head start to achieving affiliate marketing success.

Great! You have some personal experience, expertise, passions, and interests you want to share with others. You can see how your knowledge can help others with their problems. But how do you turn your own knowledge background into an affiliate marketing business?

You have to find out whether there are commercial affiliate opportunities to profit from. You have to do some research to find out whether a sufficient number of people are looking for the solution you propose. Are those people willing to pay for a product that solves their problem? Are there affiliate products you could promote effectively? Is the competition easy enough that you could rise in the rankings and profit from your promotion?