Youtube is one of the leading website and the only biggest video streaming provider in the last decade. It earns revenue from the advertises on the videos it shows.
During the Covid pandemic the advertisements has gone beyond expectations and shown a lot of ads to the viewers.

To watch advertisement free videos, you just download and install the youtube pink apk on your Android phone and done.

Not just that, the Youtube pink app also brings you some more features.
This app can be used as a music player. When the display goes off this app still plays the songs and does not stop like the default app.

Also, the app has built in brightness and volume controllers using sliders in the sides of the app screen.
It is a mod apk that is derived from the original Youtube vanced app which is created by an individual developer.

This was only possible because of the open source nature and the java code decoders.

That's all in this post. I will come with few more in the coming days.